ds2000 automatic machine sand
发布时间:2019/10/30 11:30:25


main technical parameters :

1. unit size : 3,740 (long) x 2,800 (wide )×1900 (high) 

2. the width of the largest : 1900mm 

2. yield  sq / hour : 51 m2 laods100%)

3. throwing sand tools : eight steel sword

4. dust collection machines : power 0.55kw, ventilation volume 25m3/min

5. transmission speed : adjustable 0.2~0.8m/ min, using variable speed

6. air pressure machine : --no

7. source : 380v three-phase exchange, the total power of 4.4kw

1. this machine adopts the design of sand mining, automatic sand processing, free of air compressor equipment, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. the amount of sand production can be fine-adjusted, the surface of the processed material is even, and the processing speed is fast.

 3. conveyor belt speed adopts stepless speed control, and the travel speed can be fine-adjusted.

 4. it is suitable for automatic sanding of large-plane glass and acrylic plate.

 5 with dust collector, can be basically dust-free environment.