ygx-1200c glass washing machine
发布时间:2019/11/5 17:34:24


product description:

  feed by 10 rubber roller and 1 set of high pressure spray paint prewash, cleaning air drying period of integral lifting, by 21 rubber roller, two groups can promote hard brush, one set of soft brush, two set of knives, 3 groups use the high pressure spray paint, discharging comprised 10 rubber roller, 22 1 kw high pressure fan, high pressure water pump 3, 2, brush motor cleaning section 1 lifting motor, a rubber roller drive motor, umbrella gear transmission, the fuselage, 5800 long and 2500 wide, high 2500, rubber roller diameter of 75 mm, the fragment rubber roller center distance 175 mm, cleaning roller center distance 125 mm, the center of the cots at the discharge end is 175mm away. the main square tube of the body is made of 80*60*3 structure. the cots bearing is fixed on the aluminum alloy square tube material, which greatly guarantees the flatness of the cots.


1. the main drive is gear drive, variable presetting speed, data display, easy to operate, more conducive to connecting the production line

2. the feeding section is equipped with a water tray with stainless key and a high-pressure water nozzle. the rubber stick can perform automatic cleaning function and provide cleaning effect

3, cleaning department and wind cadres overall electric pull and lift, the highest rise is 350., easy to clean the internal and maintenance

4, the cleaning part of the roller is three pairs, respectively by the upper and lower two groups of motor independently driven, to ensure the rotation speed is flat male, longer service life

5, the wind thousand adopt two pairs of professional design of multi-stage air outlet knife, the wind is big, the wind in effect stay better, more energy efficient role

6, the whole machine to use aluminum. profile assembly structure