the reporter of global glass network and the new sales director of feixuan machinery technology discuss the development prospect of glass machinery industry.
createdate:2019/11/12 16:33:23

   on april 19, the 29th china international glass industry technology exhibition was grandly opened in shanghai exhibition center. as the largest glass portal in china, global glass network is also a strong team. on the first day of the grand exhibition, many exhibitors visited the exhibition. the scene was very hot and attracted the attention of many users. next, the reporter from the global glass network will go to hall 121 at booth e5 of gaomi city feixuan machinery technology co., ltd. to conduct an in-depth interview with director zhang xin. let's have a look.


zhang xin, director of gaomi city feixuan machinery technology co., ltd., interviewed by global glass network reporters

   here, i would like to thank director zhang xin of gaomi city feixuan machinery technology co., ltd. for being able to accept the interview by reporters from global glass. he also expressed his approval that global glass, as a professional portal of the glass industry, has demonstrated extraordinary mental outlook and professional quality in the exhibition, has a strong team spirit and is guided by the concept of "giving priority to customers and providing services to customers realistically".   

the global glass network will continue to greet every day in the future with the most professional attitude and full sincerity to create more value for the glass industry!